Wednesday, 14 September 2011


here is it! please to hear your comments! ♥
DJ Benetti - Disco Caligula 5 (57:08, 320kbps, stereo)
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Ricky Maltese - All The Night (instrumental)
Portofino - All My Love (12")

Under Final - Tell Me Now
Off Limits - No Soul (12")
Duke Lake - Do You (12")
Scotch - Penguin's Invasion
Spanish Symphony Orchestra - Computer Game
Betty Miranda - Dance (12")
Tiziana Rivale - Flame
Jimmy McFoy - Do You Believe (remix)
Sex Band - I Have Got The Answer (Yes I Do)
Lucrethia & The Azoto - Hey There
Charlene Davis - Aggression
Azul Y Negro - The Night (12")
Jan Schipper - Italian Love
Secession - Touch (part 4)
NOIA - Korowa Milk Bar (remix)

baci from your Benetti! xox


Anonymous said...

Wonderful as ever!

William Bennett said...

grazie, Jan!

socialism and/or barbarism said...

Ah, featuring my favorite Duke Lake track, which happens to be my favorite Italo track period! The whole mix is great - thanks, from Naples, for making my day.

William Bennett said...

Duke Lake ftw! x

Melmoth said...

Excellent! Would be good to see this re-upped after the demise of MU. Thanks for all of your mixes.