Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Barry Mason - Body! (Get Your Body) (disco version) (7:45)
if you are an avid musical archaeologist like myself, you are looking at one of the most remarkable records in the history of modern dance music - the 'disco version' of this 1983 (yes, 1983!!) release by the singer of the better known Italo outfit Camaro's Gang seems to be the original blueprint for the Chicago house and acid sound; much credit has been given elsewhere to other artists for the extraordinary trademark filtering of the Roland TB303, but this is where the revolution really begins; add to that the melancholy bluesy piano riff and the lyrics themselves and it becomes inconceivable that early house pioneers like Marshall Jefferson and DJ Pierre hadn't been heavily influenced by this incredible song - Italo disco has never been given enough credit within electronic dance music history and it's time to change that


_Black_Acrylic said...

This one was actually reissued last year on the Belgian label Flexx, so now everyone can afford a slice of dance music history.

William Bennett said...

yes! for me (sadly) Flexx unnecessarily added a horrible new 'modern' mix of the song - I think it's better to try and get the original 12" vinyl