Sunday, 20 July 2008


Who is Benetti? Some facts from his bio:
  • first gig at a Mafia-controlled pizza restaurant in Vigevano (Northern Italy) in 1980
  • owns an enormous collection of rare Italo CDs and vinyl, filling three huge rooms and a basement in his house
  • a cognoscento in making a special aphrodisiac spaghetti a la slinguata
  • big in China, especially in cities like Shanghai and Hang Zhou (where he lived for 18 months as paid guest of the Communist town council)
  • during a big Eurobeat party in Byelorussia last October he was playing at to 2,000 people, some visiting army recruits from the local garrison started firing guns into the ceiling and literally brought part of the roof down
  • DJed at a katoey bar, Soi Cowboy, in Bangkok for two months before falling out with the local police force over unpaid bribes for live sex shows
  • did a set of rapidissimo para para in Roppongi (Tokyo) which got out of control when a large group of teenage girls got assatanate and started stripping to Delta Force's Bang Bang and Lolita's Cherry Girl
  • spends more than 50% of his income on his beloved D&G clothes and accessories

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